Item girls start Rakhi ‘hate club’

Item girls start Rakhi ‘hate club’

Item girls Kashmira Shah and Sambhavna Seth are questioning Rakhi Sawant’s sudden rise to stardom. However, is this there critical view or do we smell a hint of jealousy?

Sambhavna recently told a tabloid that “Anything and everything that Rakhi does is fake. Everybody knows that.” At the same time Kashmira has no love to spare for Rakhi, saying, “We love to hate each other and hate to love each other.”

On the other hand, Rakhi, who was an item girl herself not too long ago, no longer considers herself to be in the same league as Kashmira and Sambhavna, instead she desires to be compared with no less than Bollywood’s elite, saying “I am not in competition with anyone. If you want to compare me, do so with Aishwarya and Kareena”

With one successful TV show completed and another one on the go; fake or not, she does seem to be leaving other item girls to eat her dust.

Should Ash and Bebo be worried?

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